2024 Lucy Hobbs Taylor Award Nomination

In 1859, Lucy Hobbs Taylor moved to Cincinnati, intent on attending medical school. After being refused admission based on her gender, Taylor studied privately under a professor who encouraged her to turn to dentistry. 

Following her studies in dentistry, Lucy started her own practice in Cincinnati. Finally, in 1865, she gained professional recognition when she was elected to membership of the Iowa State Dental Society and served as a delegate at the American Dental Association convention in Chicago, Illinois. That November, she was admitted to the Ohio College of Dental Surgery, where she became the first woman to earn a doctorate in dentistry. 

In her honor, each year AAWD presents the Lucy Hobbs Taylor Award to a woman dentist who

  • Is a willing example of a true professional and one who has a record of accomplishment in one or more areas of dentistry [for example, clinical dentistry (including fields of specialization), organized dentistry, academia, government, anthropology, archeology, philanthropy (includes community involvement), and consulting (for example, to the insurance industry)]. 
  • Has a record of at least 10 years of membership in AAWD to include current membership (as verified by AAWD). The AAWD membership must be stated on the resumé or CV with the exact years being claimed. AAWD Board of Directors are not eligible for the LHT Award unless it has been two years since they served on the AAWD Board of Directors. 
  • Has had a career as a licensed dentist for at least 20 years as stated on the resumé or CV to include jurisdiction and the exact years being claimed. 
  • Has a record of mentoring women dentists and/or serving organizations that further the cause of women in dentistry. 

The Lucy Hobbs Taylor Award is the highest award given by our organization. To nominate an AAWD member deserving of this award, complete the nomination form below and return it to the AAWD National Office by May 31, 2024, along with a cover letter detailing why the nominee should be selected and their resume/curriculum vitae.

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